8 Ways to Keep Body Fit 2018 I How to keep Fit Body?

how to keep body fit

 8 Ways to Keep Body Fit2018 I How to keep Body Fit?

                         How to Keep Fit Body?

Hello, friends if you want to keep your body fit then you have to take these diet plan that beneficial for your health. If you are not fit then don’t worry just follow these diet plan…..

                       8 Ways to Keep Body Fit2018 I How to keep Body Fit?

1. In your diet plan protein, fats, fibers, minerals, carbohydrates etc should be present For example – in egg and milk everything is present so you should keep it in your diet plan.

2.  You should take some fruits every day for keeping your body healthy. For example, banana is the best fruit with milk to being a healthy person.

 3. Avoid spicy foods and junk foods for example pizza, burgers, etc in a month you can eat but more than that it is harmful to your health.

protine food

4. You should get up early in the morning and should doing exercise, yoga and playing some outdoor games. For outdoor games you can maintain your health and keep fit your body.

 5. You should honest with yourself you have to follow it every day.

 6. For good health, you have to compromise with some junk foods and oily food.

7. Fruits, vegetables and milk every day will make your personality better than before.

8. Never skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner and it should be time to time.

 Profits of being fit person

  1. You don’t need to do fit your clothes.

2. Nobody will make your joke.

3. Your personality will look better than before.

4. People will impress with your personality.            


5. In public area, you can easily make a different personality.         

6. There is a slogan for some fit buddies are that ‘ fit person is loved by everyone ‘   and much more so be fit be happy.

7.Clothes, bikes, car everything will shoot a fit person because they have a good personality and look.       

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                    8 Ways to Keep Body Fit2018 I How to keep Body

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