Top 10 Questions of MPPSC (2018)

top 10 question of mbbsc

          Top 10 Questions of MPPSC (2018)

Hello, friends welcome back to our website now you will get a golden question of MPPSC which were asked many times in that examination.Top 10 Questions of MPPSC (2018)

1. How many districts are in MP.


2. What is the area of MP?

ANSWER:- 308, 252km square

3. By area, MP is in which place?

ANSWER:- 2nd

4.What is the population of MP?

ANSWER:- 73 million (According to 2011 serve)

5. By population, MP has which rank?

ANSWER: –5th

6. Which is the cleanest city in MP?

ANSWER: –Indore

7. Where is the High court situated in Mp?

ANSWER:- Jabalpur

8. Which production is more in MP?

ANSWER:- Rice and Soybean

9. MP has how many division (संभाग)?


10. Till 2011 how many posts were in MP?

ANSWER:- 342

One more bonus question is (When MP is formed?)

ANSWER:- 1 November 1956.

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