How to purchase pure Gold, are u buying pure Gold ? Delhi Incident

How to buy pure gold

         How to purchase pure Gold, are u buying pure Gold?

Hello, friends when you went any jewellery shop you should be careful. You should always take the bill and should see the gold remark. If shopkeeper said that it’s 100 % pure 24 carat gold then you should know the reality that we cannot make any jewellery by 24 carat gold, that gold is like a water so they did add some  of the other metals also that gold you are using is maybe 23-22 carat gold but less than it then it means that shopkeeper is trying to making you fool so be caring fool.


You should check each and everything for that gold or jewellery. That same incident has happened in Delhi that one woman purchase nearly 100 grams of gold but gold was duplicate and shopkeeper refused to take it back and don’t have bill also. She complains in उपभोक्ता form but they refuse to take action against these incidents because they don’t have any witness of these. So, guys, you should be careful about these incidents,  may be happening to you. You should pay attention to these. If shopkeeper tries to consult you that the gold os real then you should check that gold by the well-experienced person.

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